Sway Armchairs for Mountain View ICity Lobby Furniture


Sway Armchairs for Mountain View ICity Lobby Furniture


Mountain View ICity

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Sway Armchairs for Mountain View ICity Lobby Furniture - 6th of October

With a series of uniquely styled products Seats offers an extensive range of diverse product collections. From modular seating through dining chairs, elegant armchairs, and relaxing chairs.

We create an inviting space for a good first impression with a warm and pleasant environment while your guests wait for any service. Our selection of lobby seating has everything with a wide variety of styles that are sure to complement any décor and provide a perfect place. Shop our collection of the Sway Armchairs and lobby furniture.

                                                                                                                                                                       Scope of Work

In collaboration with our Parent Company Gallad Furniture who supplied the side tables for Mountain View ICity Lobby Furniture in 6th of October City. Seats provide a wide selection of elegant handmade pieces defined by their indulgent detail, effortlessly capturing the essence of considered design and luxury atmosphere.

Our Sway Armchairs collection, manufactured for Mountain View ICity Lobby Furniture, combines sophisticated fabrics in various colors and moods with durable materials.

When functionality and simplicity are the keys, you will find deeply comfortable seating in a stylish world. A wide variety of Sway Armchairs was supplied in 5 different colors for 5 different moods, and it created lovely variations that show how Sway can be personalized to meet each space’s needs.

Seats provide a design that combines exceptional comfort with an enduring aesthetic as the lobby of a residential building must induce warmth and coziness, but at the same time, the furniture must be durable and functional to endure the wear and tear of a public space.

Sway Armchairs provide the perfect combination of a visually attractive Seat and a functional addition to add opulence and prosperity to the lobby to attract and dazzle the guests.

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