Dining Armchairs for TWO Restaurant in Madinaty Golf Club


Dining Armchairs for TWO Restaurant in Madinaty Golf Club



Interior Designer

Kempinski Golf Club Madinaty

Project Scope

Furniture Supply

Dining Armchairs, sofas, and Tables for TWO Restaurant in Madinaty Golf Club 

Seats has been honored to be a part of the luxurious Madinaty Golf club to complete this extraordinary experience with premium and first-class furniture executed with finesse and care to impress all visitors. We are thrilled to have taken part in this project by providing dining armchairs, sofas, and tables to the well-known TWO Restaurant in Madinaty Golf Club as a part of "Gallad Furniture" which has furnished the remainder of the club.


Scope of Work

Our Dining chairsArmchairs, sofas, and tables in the luxurious TWO Restaurant at Golf club Madinaty are characterized by high-end design, making the environment comfortable and sophisticated at the same time.

  • Every piece was carefully manufactured with passion, featuring the Wing and Aristo dining seats and Ace bar stool with first-class materials.

  • The result is a symphony of beauty blended with elegance harmonizing structural opulence and interior luxury to give the right feeling to the place, add richness to the setting, as well as impress all the visitors.

  • Mahogany wood is an exotic wood prized for its elegant look, durability, and workability. The usage of Mahogany wood in manufacturing the dining armchair, sofas, and tables added to the prosperity of the restaurant's whole atmosphere.

  • The mixture between the finish and fabrics on the Aristo and Wing exquisitely transforms the mood and builds a bridge between the most appreciated international design of Italian and Japanese furniture styles.

  • The Aristo and Wing present a portrait of luxury at its finest, the meticulous attention to every detail is what enables Seats to provide unique and marvelous products, featured with solid materials, pure shapes, and natural colors blended perfectly with the eccentric fusion of Italian and Japanese vibes. Check out our Armchair , Bar Stool and Dining Chair collections.