Dining Seats for Riviera Restaurant - Four Seasons Nile Plaza Hotel


Dining Seats for Riviera Restaurant - Four Seasons Nile Plaza Hotel



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Luxury Dining Chairs for Riviera Restaurant - Four Seasons Nile Plaza Hotel

Seats offer a wide range of elegant and Luxury dining chairs whether contemporary styles or classic tastes, from high-end to mid-range. Browse our wide selection of products to find what you are looking for.

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Enjoy the soft tones of the new Italian Restaurant” Riviera Restaurant” at Four Seasons Nile Plaza. Seats offer a design that envelops the body and supports the posture with modern dining chairs that give a cozy environment to enjoy your sitting and have a comfortable dining experience.

The cushioned dining chair completes the portrait of the Nile view with the delicacy and sensuality you want in a residential setting. Elegant and alluring, are the best description of the famous Riviera Dining Chair manufactured by seats made from Oak wood and a mixture of soft colors and luxe materials to complement the ambiance.

The Riviera Restaurant was fully furnished In collaboration with our Parent Company "Gallad Furniture" which supplied tables, consoles, service stations, and the front desk, and Seats provided Oak wood dining chairs.

Nile view calm ambiance in warm beige and baby blue tones with light French Oak wood meticulously made and exuding a taste of the retro atmosphere.

These Luxury dining chairs are made with utmost care and finesse to serve the design of the context as well as the durability and functionality needed with customizable finishes and a lasting impression.

At Seats, we pay particular consideration to the visual impact of dining chairs in commercial settings and how it contributes to the look and feel of businesses. A wonderful combination of both luxury appearance and current mood, which offers a prestigious presence to impress all the visitors.

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