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Minimalist oak wood dining armchair with a twist inspired by nature.

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Have a look at our Bendy oak dining chair. This dining chair features a simple and sleek design with its high quality wood and fabrics. The Bendy oak dining chair is made from fine oak wood. This piece is made with a simple design language that is inspired by nature. This dining chair comes with a couched seat and a curved back that is made of two wood pieces, giving a minimal look. The Bendy oak dining chair is perfect for people who are looking for something simple and elegant at the same time. This chair is inspired by nature to give a more toned down and relaxing vibe. If you are in the market looking for an elegant yet simple dining set, the Bendy oak dining chair is for you! This dining chair is best when used indoors on its own or can be grouped with a set. It is a lovely piece for people who are looking for an elevated dining experience. Our Bendy oak dining chair can come with different finishes upon your request, you can also choose from a variety of fabric choices. 

Material Type Oak
Dimensions W61 D63 H87
Fabric Liner Meters 1