Outdoor Furniture for Arabesque Restaurant at Four Season Sharm Elsheikh


Outdoor Furniture for Arabesque Restaurant at Four Season Sharm Elsheikh



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Four Season Sharm Elsheikh

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Outdoor Furniture for Arabesque Restaurant at Four Season Sharm El Sheikh Hotel

Seats offer a totally unique experience with the highest level of durable Outdoor furniture. Our materials ensure high resistance to humidity and a good level of thermal insulation in order to withstand the heat in the city of Sharm Elsheikh.

                                                                                                                                                                    Scope of Work

  • The Four Season Sharm Elsheikh is a renowned prestigious hotel designed with a luxurious approach. The interiors and exteriors are blended together very well that visitors can move in and out without feeling any difference.

  • The outdoor furniture in Arabesque Restaurant was manufactured by Seats which relied on many years of experience, to create something unique in every furnishing element.

  • Sophisticated and elegant, are the best description of Seats products which adapt to the space and the atmosphere to create a relaxing and soothing environment.
  • The quality of our products, meticulous workmanship, and long-lasting treatments make this outdoor furniture suitable for use under conditions that put the resistance of the material to the test.
  • In addition to outdoor furniture, Gallad Furniture provided the stunning restaurant which is a creation of unquestionable beauty with counters, tables, chairs, and armchairs. 
  • Luxury and quality invade the outdoors in this prestigious restaurant, by using Iroko Teak wood which combines style and quality.
  • The use Iroko Teak wood in the outdoor settings added to the richness of the interiors and complemented the spirit of the mesmerizing Arabian Fairytale of the luxurious Four Seasons Sharm Elsheikh Hotel.
  • At Seats, we give utter importance to the smallest details, we care to present completely fitted products from our selected outdoor furniture to create a luxurious feeling for all visitors.
  • Check out our wide selection of Outdoor Seats available in Egypt to find what you’re looking for.