Arm Chairs



The armchair that should be on vogue covers around the world. This classy oak wood armchair is an irresistibly classy piece.

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Our Vogue fancy armchair features a stunning design with its high-quality wood and fabrics. The Vogue fancy armchair is made of classy oak wood that is carved with lots of details. This piece is going to be a wonderful addition, whether you want to use it on its own or group it with a set. The vogue fancy armchair is made with a lot of attention to detail, making this fancy piece a definite eye-catcher! We know that armchairs are all about comfort. That is why the Vogue fancy armchair provides both, the elegant feel and look with a high level of comfort. It is best used indoors. Our Vogue fancy armchair can come with different finishes upon your request. You can also choose from a variety of fabric choices.

Wood Type Oak
Dimensions W74 D73 H82
Fabric Liner Meters 4.5
Weight (kg) 14.15